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ARC issue

Hi, I have plugged my mcable cinéma edition between my AVR and my TV. The ARC mode is on (right HDMI) ok the two devices. I have no sound when I turn on the TV (DVB channels). It used to work with the mcable ultra before. I didn’t change any setting. Does anybody can help ? Thank you in advance.

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I also have had this problem. I purchased the mcable gaming edition. I have my PS4 connected to my Sony amp and the amp connected to my Sony tv via th ARC port. When I start my PS4 the picture is there however no sound, unless I remove the usb plug from the amp and plug it back in.

The only solution I found was to change the amp. I had a Yamaha now it's an Onkyo and no problem. Otherwise, try to connect the PS 4 directly on a TV HDMI. And a standard cable on the ARC mode. It will pass thought the ARC mode to the amp.

Hope it'll help.

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