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HDMI 2.1 support

It would be nice to have the mcable support new hdmi 2.1 functions since it's the future. It would be a good update from the current 1.4 !

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I agree again, but am also curious if it would need a whole upgrade, with a new chip or something. Also your devices would need to all support hdmi 2.1 (Blu-ray player, chord, and you’re hdtv all have to work with 2.1. We’re seeing 8K TVs, and to get fully-featured 8K content to the TV (also, we barely have 4K UHD HDR media, an expensive barrier to entry with Sony opting not to have a 4K UHD Blu-ray player in the ps4 pro despite then owning the format & a large selling point for the PS3 was the built in Blu-ray player, but off topic.) Since even 4K is higher resolution than most people need, given common TV sizes and seating distances, 8K is really overkill atm. From a consumer/marketer stand point, without unlimited money lol, it may seem like a move for future proofing. One that, unless perhaps an customization option for those inclined with the disposable income, that’s too soon IMHO. Especially given the assumption increased price tags. I’d love to be wrong ahah I’m always excited by new technology e.g. WiFi 6 is another atm
I also would like to see this

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I agree. I am holding out for a future proof version of this. Besides, this doesn't even support any form of HDR.
Next gen consoles will be offering 4k blue ray players. As for 8k I believe we are still 5 years for that to become the new standard. There still many households out there not even on 4k. But looking to the future 2.1 needs to come out on this device since it can be used currently.
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