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Upscale to 1440p

It would great to add 1440p upscaling instead of just 1080p and 4K.

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tried mine on few TV that all supports 1440p the mclassic always outputs 1080. The results am getting are not the same as the early YouTube reviewers.

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Yes I would love to have this, as I have a 3440x1440 

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Raul Villalobos I have a Samsung q80r my mclassic does the upscale for 1440p, but the switch needs to be in 720p or 1080p, because in the resolution of 480p it presents interference on the screen and even loses the signal. Is it the same with you? Did you do something to fix it?
I spoke to m classic customer support basically they told me that the switch is forced only at 60 FPS so the M classic only does 4K at 30 FPS hence why the switch only up scales to 1440P. Set it to 1080p and enjoy 1440p....the switch won't ever scale to 4k unless they come out with a newer model thats capable of doing 4k 60 fps.
I have a 4k TV (Samsung Q70 2019) and my MClassic upscales to 1440p no problem. I've also used it on my PC monitor and it scales to 1440p as well. May need a different cable, or your TV doesnt support 1440p.
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