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We should all try to put forth what systems and what adapters for older systems this mClassic will work with

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PSVR uses a 90+ Hz refresh rate. mClassic was not advertised as supporting 90Hz+ signals.

The difference are 30% more 'images per second'. ;)

The chip likely isn't able to handle that.

If someone told you that it could - it was an evangelist, or a 'social media support person' but not an engineer. ;) The take away here is, stop listening to people who have no idea, what their product is capable of. :)

Now - 'some' VR (as in cardboard.. ;) ) might be 60 Hz only - so technically mClassic will work with that. ;) It isn't the 'good kind' of VR. ;)

(Good VR needs a faster than 60Hz refresh rate to combat pixel retention issues, and people getting sick issues.. ;) )

90Hz is such a weird signal to use, does anything else use that? but still my snake oil senses would have fired off if they mentioned VR ide be like yea right, no way. considering its advertised as a strictly Console to TV enhancer i'd assume the VR screen is unique somehow and it wouldn't work with it. that's what I would assume.

I’ll be honest, I’ve used my mClassic on my Switch and Xbox One, and I can barely tell a difference. I’ve tried using it with my N64 and Wii, but it doesn’t want to work with the Hyperkin HDMI cables I use for them.
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