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We should all try to put forth what systems and what adapters for older systems this mClassic will work with

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Mine hasn't come yet but could anyone try the Mclassic on a Playstation Vita TV? I am wating for mine to arrive so that Persona 4 Golden will look better on a TV.

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I dont own that game anymore BUT I do own plenty of shell shaded RPGs and ill give you the 411 asap I didnt get mine either. Ill try Akiba's beat and Caligula effect and those are pretty decent analogs of the graphics of Persona

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I am going to try it on the switch.

Zelda Breath of the wild looks like it could have been on the PS3.

And Three Houses looks the same. But in cutscenes it looks like a PSP/3DS game when the battle models does an attack.

I also have a PS4 pro and Xbox one X i could try those two since those aren't realy 4K consoles.

I got some old PC games like Battlefront 2 2005 and stuff. but i think a mod would make a better result than this adapter.

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Here is the rundown on 'signal issues'.

They shouldnt be source related.

HDMI actually is a pretty 'dumb' standard. Meaning, there is not much communication 'required' for it to work. Actually all communication is optional. :)

This means, if output signals are standard compliant (which they should be) - all should work.

or to put it in another way -

there is now way for the mClassic to know, what device its supporting on the source side, so it handles all of them in a 'if standards compliant' - same, same - kind of way.


Now here are the potential points of failure. :)

If the mClassic gets a resolution it doesnt support - it should just switch off an pass it through. Maybe that fails sometimes? I dont have my device yet, so I cant test. :) Most resolutions as of today should be 480p (60Hz, 50H), )720p (60Hz, 50Hz) and 1080p (60Hz, 50Hz) -- so those should be 'edge case scenarios.

Here is where it fails more likely:

On the output side, the mClassic does communicate with your TV. It reads its EDID table (TV 'advertising' what formats it supports), and and pushing out a signal the TV 'is advertising, that its able to handle'.

Now - here is the problem:

EDID is a mess. The format is overly complicated for little reason, and TV manufacturers most often can not be relied on to write in their TVs capabilities correctly.

Most often this isnt an issue, because you can tell the source device 'what to output', and then you try around for a bit - and find something the TV supports ('do you see an image on screen? if not the resolution you chose will autoreset in 10 seconds').

With the mClassic its more complicated. :) Because of 'most easy for mainstream buyer' they are relying on EDID only (no interface for the user), to select the output resolution, color space, ...

So if the TV says 'I'm 4K compatible' and it isnt, there is no way (?) to tell mClassic, output in 1080p instead. So the result probably is a black image.

There is another issue. :) Most of LGs early flagship TV line says - it isnt 1440p compatible, although it is. So there has been talk in the indigogo comments, that marseille will package a 1440p signal as 4K (just 'advertise' it differently, or 'quick-upscale' I dont know), so those TVs will display the 'highest quality signal'.

Now - if there are any 4K TVs, that dont support 1440p, and Marselles Classic doesnt 'quick-upscale' to 4K, this could also lead to black screens.

So a potential issue becomes 'mClassic' doesnt know when to 'only' output 1080p, because your TV says its 4K compatible - but 'there has been a problem' (EDID wrong, mClassic outputting 1440p instead of true 4k, ...).

Thats likely the biggest source of issues people are describing.

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Three houses looks worse in cutscenes? does the output change from scene to scene like Progressive to interlace or aspect changes for some reason? I dont have a switch I have no clue how it works.

No, it's more that when characters are viewed on a distance they become somewhat pixelated. Characters tend to lose some polygons at a distance on other consoles like N64 and PS2. FE Three Houses uses real time cutscenes half of the time, and those are close up to the models. But in battles and academy roaming characters are mostly zoomed out. So characters in this game tends to swap between a PS3 like model to a PSP on tv like model. So I have concluded that Three Houses is a good test example for the Nintendo switch

thats weird though so they look pixelated at a distance? and the mClassic isnt smoothing those models out?

I don't have mine yet, that's why i am going to test on a switch. because if you ignore the pixelation on the far off models, the models looks great and i think that if i were to use the adapter then the game overall would look great(like a standard ps4 game)

dammit dude I thought you were giving me the 411 lmao. im just using mine in PS TV basically so I can try it out on PS1, PSP, and PS VITA games.

Just a flashing black screen in psvr

why are people trying this on weird shit like PS VR and PC stuff.... just use it on consoles man....

Get off the board if your not gonna help. The 1st gen mcable works on vr. Marseille said the mclassic would work on vr that is why I bought it

My board lol. i'm the creator of this one. maybe it would but maybe the signal isnt right people are having issues with the signal being picked up by the mClassic thus far seems like it HAS to be always a progressive signal. I have no Idea what type of signal VR uses on the face screen thingy.

Jeez man you just made my head spin. yea the signal is supposed to pass through if it cant read it but they are saying it'll recognize any progressive signal regardless but what you are saying is from the mClassic to the TV board itself there could be miscommunication and you not see the AA effects of the mClassic?

PSVR uses a 90+ Hz refresh rate. mClassic was not advertised as supporting 90Hz+ signals.

The difference are 30% more 'images per second'. ;)

The chip likely isn't able to handle that.

If someone told you that it could - it was an evangelist, or a 'social media support person' but not an engineer. ;) The take away here is, stop listening to people who have no idea, what their product is capable of. :)

Now - 'some' VR (as in cardboard.. ;) ) might be 60 Hz only - so technically mClassic will work with that. ;) It isn't the 'good kind' of VR. ;)

(Good VR needs a faster than 60Hz refresh rate to combat pixel retention issues, and people getting sick issues.. ;) )

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