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The only thing the device seems to upscale to higher than 1080p for me is blurays, but I have noticed it adds flickering white dots to the pictures that contirue to flicker even when you pause the movie. 1080p games on Xbox One arn't been upscaled beyond 1080p either. Maybe my 4k TV doesn't work with 1440p, i dunno. My XRGB that converts old consoles to HDMI doesn't work with it even in pass though mode, it goes to a black screen for a second every now and then.

Anyone else having any of these issues?

The odd thing is, is the mCable i never had issues with white dots on blurays and it worked with the XRGB with out issues.

Oh I forgot to mention the mClassic also has the issue of going black for a second every now and then while playing blurays too not just having the white dots issue.

I uploaded a video to show how it goes blank and if you look carefully you can see the white dots. I have it in the green light mode.

I am having the same exact issue with not getting any signal above 1080p even though I’m using a 4K tv and the same high speed cable I use for my Xbox One X. Very upset with what seems to be false advertising.
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