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PS4 Pro mClassic issue

Is anyone else having this issue? I plugged an mClassic directly into my PS4 Pro and isn't functioning correctly. I checked the power source from the usb cord and the light is always green. The input signal isn't registering; so I have to unplug it, take the original HDMI out, plug it into the PS4 Pro directly, then pull it out, plug it back it to the 2nd mClassic, and then back into the PS4 Pro to get the mClassic working.


I am having a different issue with  PS4 pro, it is not upscaling on my monitor at all.

Hi Zsyed, Wow, that's not good. The tech support recommended that I try another HDMI cord and other ways to troubleshoot my issue to see if I have a defective mClassic. - Brian
I am having something similiar, i have tried the m classic on my retrotink 2x upscaler, on all mclassic modes, nothing is passing through, the light is on however. I tried it via my ps4, xbox one and switch also to no avail on any of them. I tried two tvs, a Roku TCL 4 series 4k with HDMI 2.0 and my 1080p sony lcd both have the same issue, no video passthru on any modes on any cable on any device on either tv. I’m pretty sure mines defective, i tried usb ports on both the tv and the consoles. Not sure what to do now
My issue was actually resolved by using another USB power source. Even though the light was green, it was deceiving because I would have no video input. Also, try just using the mClassic by itself first to see if that at least works.
So after further testing, i plugged it in directly to the back of my xbox one and separated the power supply, video has passed through, i can’t really tell if the upscaling is working however, the graphics are already really good, i primarily purchased this for my retro consoles. After trying with the external power and passing it back through my retrotink 2x it is still not detecting the video source. Any further suggestions ?
Yea, it's hard to tell the graphical upgrade on XBoxOneX and PS4 Pro. It's a slight improvement, but I have a 1080p Vizio only, so I appreciate any graphical boost I can get on that. You should be able to tell the difference with your Switch though. So back to your retro consoles, does your HDMI cable support bandwidth up to 18 Gbps and 4K max @60Hz?
Yes, my hdmi is a highspeed blue rigger hdmi Cable with 4K and 3D support, i have tested the retrotink 2X with my gamecube and still experienced the same issue... no video input or passthrough via the Retrotink connected to the mclassic, i just tested my ps3 connecting the mclassic directly to the back of the console and an hdmi to the tv and it works.... and i for sure can see the difference in graphic fidelity. I then tried plugging the mclassic to the end of the hdmi cable and into the television and it won’t work.... which is the issue i’m having with retrotink... as the retrotink is Hdmi B to Hdmi A. This is so weird.... if it works directly connected to the console it should work at the end of the hdmi cable... right? Maybe my mclassic is faulty? Has anyone else tried connecting the mclassic to the tv directly and an hdmi cable to it?
I just realized my mistake.... i need an adaptor for mini hdmi to regular hdmi for the retrotink 2X otherwise the mclassic is backwards and probably not processing anything.... thanks for helping me troubleshoot, i wish this was outlined somewhere for people. I’m sure i’m not the only person who will have this issue.
Meaning you won't plug the mClassic directly into the back of your TV, right? That's why it wasn't working with your retrotink 2x I'm guessing. And the adapter allows to adjust your set-up differently. Sure, no problem. Good luck!
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