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4 second picture, followed by 10-40 seconds of black

I bought two mclassics and both seem to be giving me issues. Can’t be a coincidence any advice? I’ve tried multiple power sources, usb, hdmi cables, 5 different tvs... picture keeps cutting out... did I get burned ????

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I had the same issues. It turns out that the mClassic a HDMI device is not comptabile with most of my HDMI cables, or more annyingly my HDMI Switcher. 

Try a diffrent HDMI cable and going direct with out any splitters, fixed it for me.

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I have had the very issue since day 1 and now I get no signal at all from the mclassic. Can’t seem to find any information on getting a refund or exchange. Created a ticket over a month ago and it’s still in process. This leads me to believe that the problem is common and may explain the delay in getting a response. I must say the results of using the mclassic in combination with the mcable has made image quality for all systems look great, especially Wii U, x360 and ps1, ps2and ps3. I’m hoping to get a replacement

Does this sound like the same issue?

Hello All. First, I just want to say thank you for a great product. This has been looking great. I just have a very distinct issue with my PS3.

I'm having a lot of issues with my PS3. I don't know if it matters, but I have a 1st gen (fat model) PS3 - the original 60GB backwards-compatible PS3 from 2006.

The setup: PS3 into 4K HDMI Switch into mClassic into Samsung HD TV

What happens is that when using the PS3 on it's dedicated HDMI switch-channel, the TV will start off detecting the PS3 and display the PS3 on the TV - with the mClassic attached at the output-port on the HDMI receiver. The TV will drop it's signal from the PS3 frequently. For instance, I will load-up the PS3, select the channel on the HDMI switch, and when I launch a game, the signal will drop and my TV will not detect any signal - nothing. Eventually after playing around with the remote and TV settings (I have to toggle the HDMI Switch's channels then go back to the PS3, wait 30+ seconds, or reboot the HDMI switch), The PS3 will sometimes come back on, but the signal drops again when a game's loading or the PS3's menu is accessed, or some other hard-to-define moments.

Basically, the video output from the PS3, to HDMI switch, to mClassic, to TV loses signal and I've isolated this to having to do with the mClassic in this setup.

It should be noted that I do use the HDMI splitter, but I don't have ANY problems with this exact setup with other devices on the HDMI switch, The WiiU and Nintendo Switch on the same HDMI switch do not have this problem. It is looking more and more like the issue is directly related to the mClassic and my PS3.

I say that because

• I swapped the HDMI cable connecting from the PS3 to the HDMI switch and the problem still occurs
• I changed the PS3 to a different HDMI-switch channel and the issue still occurs (It's a 4-port switch and i tested all ports) with the same issue occurring.
• I connected the PS3 directly into the Samsung TV/HDMI port and had zero issues
• No other game console has this problem in this exact setup
• I removed the mClassic from the setup (it would be PS3 > HDMI Switch > TV) and there were no issues whatsoever. - When the mClassic is attached to "out" end of the HDMI switch, the issue occurs.
• The issue happens regardless of mClassic state (Bypass, On, Retro Mode)
• The PS3 has zero issues when connected into the HDMI switch without the mClassic connected to the HDMI switch
• I've tested every HDMI source on the TV with all having the same issue.

I'm running out of ideas and exhausting troubleshooting. I wish this worked because I am excited to use my PS3 (which is backwards compatible with PS2 games) but in it's current state, it's just not working.

It's just odd that in my setup, no other console has this problem and the PS3 works perfectly fine through the splitter without the mClassic.

Does the PS3 have some weird HDMI setting or does the mClassic scramble the signal? I have no idea, but it acts like a signal loss is made a lot in my setup.

I attached a photo of my setup for reference.

Thank you very much for making it this far in my ticket! Like I said, I love this device but I can't seem to use it with my PS3 - and that's one of the main reasons I bought it, sadly.


I reported this today. I'm hoping anyone else has this problem??

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I'm having the same issue.

Snap, same for me except in game seems to be fine it's on the playstation home menu and playstation 1 classic games on disk I experience this and turning the mclassic off (passthrew) the issue is still present! Any updates on this?

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Funny that months later this is still going on. I'm guessing you got this not too long ago? Yes it's still happening. The signal will drop completely and eventually, after like 1 minute, come back online mid-game. It only happens with the PS3 though. No other system of mine does this. Which model PS3 do you have? Marseilles told me it's my cable or switch, but they are WRONG. I hope they read this because it has nothing to do with my PS3, cable, or HDMI switch because it ONLY happens when the mCable is in the picture with these compony.
I have had no in game issues on ps3 games, although I have only been playing threw uncharted 2 recently so domt know if this game is unaffected or not, but I played digimon world ps1 disk on it the other day and that cuts out like the main menu does maybe just less frequently. Same only ps3 has this issue my Nintendo switch,wii,wiiu xb360 all fine. I'm using a slim ps3 I do also have the original fat one but haven't tried it with that one as I dont use it that much been susceptible to overeating. I personally think the ps3 much have some funny signal pattern that get disrupted by the mclassic on it's way to the tv and confuses the tv. As when I run threw the hdmi switcher box when it cuts out the switcher light goes out to indicate that the tv is connected and on. Very strange...

Similar issue here (PS3 Super Slim):  PS3 boots fine and can play PS3 & PS2 games no problem.  As soon as I try to boot a PS1 digital game (Pocket Fighter), the system looks like it's about to show the PS1 splash screen, but only a black screen with zero audio shows.  Even hard rebooting the system after this does not resolve the issue.  Either an HDMI reset (which works maybe 20% of the time) or a full power cycle of the M Classic is required to restore picture.

Hi Guys, Im experiencing intermittent black screen from every couple of minutes for a couple of seconds, to flashing on and off like a steobe light. I'm linking my classic Wii to my Samsung Q80T TV with a Hyperkin Wii cable, Univivi HDMI Switch (Version 2.0 3D 4K HDMI Splitter), mClassic, HDMI 2.1 cable (came with my PS5). Tried numerous HDMI cables and the problem persists. The Wii Hyperkin works fine on its own. But it is when the mClassic is added, either to the link I mention above, or (almost) direct to the back of the Wii through a Wii2HDMI converter, the blank screen ossue occurs. I sincerely hope this isnt a case that it doesnt work on new Samsung TVs as Ive spent the best part of £170 on cables and HDMI splitters... Incredibly frustrating as the picture is worth e ery penny in my opinion but not if there isnt a normal picture that doesnt black out. Did anyone get a replacement mClassic due to a faulty device or does it simply not work? Im so disappointed, I feel like Ive wasted my money

Same issue here. I tested all the parts of my system and narrowed it down to the mclassic being the issue. I hope there is a fix and it not be something we have to pay for. This device is $100+ and I was an early backer. 

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