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Mclassic defective?

So i just received my Mclassic, i plugged it into my retrotink 2X for additional upscaling and i had no video pass through the Mclassic. I made sure it was plugged into a usb port on my tv , the light was blue, i tried it on green, i even tried pass through mode, and got no video passthru. I tried it on a second tv which is 4k to the same issue. I then tried it with xbox one, on a 4k tv, no video passthrough on any mode i switched the usb port to the xbox one, same deal, then a ps4 on the original tv, nothing..... i think mine is defective. Should i try another power cable? Maybe it’s not getting enough power? Or a usb with a power brick plugged in? Not sure what else to do....

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Same issue here no video out at all. I have two one is dead as am not getting any video/audio out at all. The other doesn’t upscale to 1440p and the video on Dreamcast was really bad even though it’s was connected to DCHDMI with standard 480p output. This feels like a scam.
I realized i was using the mclassic backwards, the black side of the mclassic has to be plugged into the console/hdmi splitter or the graphics don’t get processed. If your using the mclassic at the end of your hdmi into your tv, you need to turn it around gold side out. That was the mistake i made, but it actually looks great after i fixed it.
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