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Defective Mclassic

I purchased two mclassics, while one is working with any cable it even works through the Amp out upscaling all my connectives devices. But the other never work on anything seems dead on arrival am getting no video or sound from the second one. And the one working it works well with one device. On Dreamcast am getting a horrible picture, Wii U colors don’t look right and background images looks completely different. I didn’t notice any difference with my pc or Xbox one x. The only things that makes a difference is the Nintendo 64.

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I have the problem with it cutting out frequently too
There was a happy ending for my situation. I contacted them and quickly received a response. I was given an RMA # for return. They said they needed 5 business days after acceptance to verify the unit is faulty before they send a replacement, which is reasonable. Door to door, I had a working replacement in 25 days.

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WOW. It’s been 25 days since I submitted my RMA without a response. I’m never buy a product from then ever again.
Just an update. I have received my replacement unit after 1 month of submitting my RMA request. I would say that it’s a long period but I remember Gigabyte it took them much more then this to replaced my defective GPU. Marseille customer services replayed to all my emails but at first I used to get the replies promptly at first but after one week they stopped responding until they shipped my new unit. Seems that our issues will eventually be resolved. One thing I learned is that I would never buy anything from indiegogo unless its cheap and I wouldn’t care loosing it. With amazon and proper retailers you don’t have to worry about anything if you got a defective unit just return it.

I just can't seem to get the promise results of some famous Youtubers out there... My content looks horrible I might have a defective one as well.

To my experience defective unites do not work at all but result depend on the content u feed in. First yes most YouTube videos are misleading. However I find the mclassic very useful with 480p content if it delivered properly. Like GameCube with gcvideo works really nice and so as N64 it makes the colors a lot better and even original Xbox. However this did not work well on most 1080p content and it will. It work well with many HDMI converters as they don’t use a standard signal like DCHDMI.

@Raed are you replying to me or someone else? I have my own thread below this one..

@allen1777 I was replaying you. As both my mclassic gets nice result in certain setups and horrible results in other setups as explained above.

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I am going to make an experiment in the near future with my Ps4..... Man I no longer have a capture card and I need a laptop to see the before and after... I have the Super Eon n64 in which works wonders...

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