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Defective Mclassic

I purchased two mclassics, while one is working with any cable it even works through the Amp out upscaling all my connectives devices. But the other never work on anything seems dead on arrival am getting no video or sound from the second one. And the one working it works well with one device. On Dreamcast am getting a horrible picture, Wii U colors don’t look right and background images looks completely different. I didn’t notice any difference with my pc or Xbox one x. The only things that makes a difference is the Nintendo 64.

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I am having the same issue. I bought two. One works fine. The other one is getting power but now passing any signal.

Worst thing is that no one response to you emails. If though I was just asking if there is a fix for this issue. I ended up disposing both. Just not worth it.
I am getting the cut out issue too. It's really annoying if you are watching something as you have to rewind to before it happened. It just goes black for a few seconds every now and then. Why is this? Is there a fix? Do I need a replacement?
I asked them if there is something I could do to fix mine, maybe a connector is lose or something I received no reply regarding this matter. Am still waiting for a replacement for my defective unit. I just hope that they get those issues fixed because the mclassic is a nice addition to any setup but reliability here is a big issue.
Mine had a problem with the micro usb cable.I switched to a different one and got it to work. Still waiting for the replacement. That was a month ago!!

Mine displays glitched looking lines on the bottom 1/4 of the screen whenever I enable it. The part's that aren't glitched look noticeably better, but the lines make it virtually unplayable. Submitted a ticket 10 days ago and no response. The support number listed on the website is not an active line. I want to love this product, but I believe mine is defective, and it seems like the support is non-existent. See the attached image to see what I am talking about.

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What do you use for HDMI output from your N64?
I used EON super 64.
I don’t know what’s going with the customer service department, but for the turn around for each respond is 2 weeks to a month. I really hope that they sort things out for everyone.

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My mClassic became dead after two weeks of use. It’s still receiving power, but there’s no signal. Submitted a support ticket 10 days ago with no response.
Try a different micro usb cable.
Same problem as mine, it’s just that mine was dead from day 1. It powers on but no output. I stopped even using the second one as it’s not reliable solution don’t even want to get used to it. I don’t think the issue is from usb or HDMI converters. Yes I have tried to use different cables but of those cables are working it’s definitely the mclassic. There are two solutions. 1-try to fix it, 2- just forget about it. I’ll go with the 2nd option, mclassic have told me that they will give me a new one and asked for my address which was there even since my initial request but I haven’t received anything from them and they don’t answer my follow up emails. Customer support lines are not active and this point it will only be a matter of time before they even shutdown this websites. Since we’ve ordered units from indiegogo we have absolutely no guarantees as those unites were only shipped after the refund time of indiegogo have expired. This is a good lesson why no one should deal with such terms and I will only buy from sellers that offers proper warranty for their products.
Aren’t they going to sell these to retailers?? Once they do, purchase one and return the defective one and get your $$$$ back,since they dont answer emails. They will have to answer to the big box retailers why so many returns!!
That could work unless they make changes to the upcoming version then this will not be possible. Anyway, before going to the next step they would obviously fix their current issues as imagine what would happen with bigger production numbers. If they are ignoring emails for so many customers and not answering customer support lines this tells you that there is a big chance they might abandon the whole thing. I still hope that they fix those issues with everyone but at this point I highly doubt it.
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