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Option to turn off sharpening and color alterations on mClassic

A couple of weeks ago, I got my first 1440p monitor, which I mainly use with my PC, and while my PC supports it no problem, I was disappointed at how well my Switch and other 1080p content were represented on the display. I have a 4K TV that the Switch looks great on, but this monitor wasn't doing a great job at upscaling 1080p signals to 1440p, so when I heard about the mClassic and its ability to not only upscale effectively, but also add contextual anti-aliasing, I went and got one.

It arrived today, and I'm blown away by how good the upscaling looks. It really does take the blurry images from both the Switch and my Wii U and upscale them to 1440p very well. It's really doing its job, and things that were once blurry now look so much crisper.

However, I disagree with the color changes that the processor makes. Animal Crossing looks great when it's been upscaled, but the colors look terrible. It looks like someone cranked up the saturation and contrast, making the image look bright and gaudy. Breath of the Wild also looks better with the upscale and anti-aliasing measures, but the colors again look oversaturated and with too much contrast. Turning the mClassic off shows a much more balanced color palette, but then of course the upscaling is turned off, too, so the image goes back to being blurry. These changes are universal to the Switch, and are evident even on the home menu with the menu icons, which all look oversaturated and with too much contrast.

I feel like these image "enhancement" measures aren't necessary on a properly calibrated display, and only detract from the more objective enhancements the mClassic does provide. If there was a way to configure the mClassic using the USB connection to a computer, where we could toggle which enhancements are used through some kind of rudimentary software, that would solve the issue.

Right now, it's a hard call on whether to use my mClassic or not. The image clarity is improved, but the colors and contrast are hard to look at.

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