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Why is customer support abysmal?

I've had tickets open since mid-may without a single answer, what's going on?

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Just thought I'd chime in here as I had a faulty MClassic too. It took a while to go get resolved and I've been quite busy so perhaps not as worried about following up as I might normally be.  As requested I ended up sending  back to UK distributor, the online Marseille support team found it difficult chasing up with them,  but I have now received a new replacement unit. 

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Well I hope not for them but still.

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Well.. apparently my mclassic shipped out of their UK warehouse to India on the 7th of July but I haven't received a tracking number and they haven't been responding to my messages on the order as well :/

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marseille must have went under and can't offer warranty support?

  They must be out of business.  I sent in a unit for RMA and it was received on 1 June.  Since then I cannot get any answers or updates.  

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Thanks bro, ill be on it right now. I totally forgot about it !Thankyou.

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Did you pay with paypal? If so use buyer protection

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Nope, nothing. There was an update that it was shipped on june 10....After that it just got worse, mails got ignored etc. 

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Not delivered at all??

This is the worst ever, payed 120 euros for the device. No response and not delivered. What the actual fuck.

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I mean, I suppose you're entitled to do that if you feel it is appropriate.
then i can selectively have this product removed from amazon. I'm a retail buyer merchant for Amazon with connections to a VP of grocery of Amazon/Whole foods.
They are being selectively attentive
ived emailed marsellile three times since this last post and no one is responding to email or srcjce ticket on here. i assume marseille is out of business.
same hear, mclassic is DOA, they sent me a ship label, PO picked up, it's been a month. over a week ago i emailed them and they said they would look into it. no response in over a week. why not just send out a replacement? these can't cost them more then a few bucks.
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