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Why is customer support abysmal?

I've had tickets open since mid-may without a single answer, what's going on?

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Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. How difficult can it be to answer emails, even with Coronavirus?
Add me to the list, they've been MIA on me since the end of May, my device just quit working and it was three days old. Going to request a return and chalk this up to a gimmick.

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I'm sorry to hear that. How do you know it stopped working, or heck, that it worked at all?
Worked for about half a day and then didn't... They asked me to use different cords and plugs, but that didn't make the mClassic work.

different cords and plugs? as in a different HDMI cable?

Same. Not going to buy anything else from Marseille in future if they can't be bothered to respond to their niche consumer base.

To be honest Henry is trying hard.

I'm really confused and concerned about this company now. Lisa emailed me a return label on June 10th and said they'd send me a replacement. Checked USPS and was delivered on the June 13th. Never heard anything so I emailed her again on the June 19th, just requesting a refund, and NOTHING, zero response. Anyone else having issues?

Seems they'll respond to you just fine unless you want a refund. I'm losing my patience with this. I figure they can either issue me a refund or I do a chargeback and they can eat the fee while I'm at it. My mClassic simply doesn't work like it's supposed to. For $100, I better like it and it better work, and neither is the case here.

Yeah, it's really discouraging. I really wanted to like this, but customer service and quality aren't there for the price tag.

Even more surprising that no one is engaging.

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