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Why is customer support abysmal?

I've had tickets open since mid-may without a single answer, what's going on?

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mCable gaming edition 6 feet

Which cable is it again?

As I promised, informing that I got my cable today. Shipping was pretty rough, without tracking, took one and a half months, the box has noticeable cosmetic damage, I also never got any reply on my messages, mails and all that. But other than that I'm pleased. The cable and packaging seems really good and have a premium feeling. The cable works without issues, anti-aliasing is definitely noticeable. I didn't spend much time with it, but I'm looking forward to it :)

Now, that's what they call a Christmas miracle :) Congratulations, bro!

It did take a few months, but they finally responded and sent out a new unit after running some tests.  Sent the old one back in the same package.  

There is a Chinese ripoff?

So, ummm... My order is currently shipping. From the DHL eCommerce...without tracking. While I chose USPS 1st class and they officially told me it's USPS, but the tracking number is invalid (for USPS). Thanks to DHL informing me about the parcel I now know all of the above. I mean...I don't know what's in my package, I'm not surprised something is made in China, but I was pretty sure those cables are from USA and I sincerely hope I'll get the real product with good quality and not the cheap Chinese thingy that costs $10... I'll further inform you.

I'm using the latest Mozilla Firefox and the message appears when I enter my login and password saying that the connection in not secure and my data may be stolen. Also, there was a warning about the certificate being incorrect and this site being potentially dangerous when I used a given link to visit this site from my mailbox.

Oh wow I didn't get that warning, which browser are you using?

So, my order got shipped on a third day, got the tracking number, but its status is still not available. No answers on my messages though, but at least they're not entirely dead :) I'll update with the further development.

PS: Also, I hate the fact that my browser warns me about this site being not save and all the data may be stolen...

Yeah they've gone all AWOL, which is quite concerning.

Welp, I wish I saw this topic before ordering. Unfortunately I also have no reaction on my purchase for 48 hours already, including asking the support and messaging via website. Which is even more unfortunate is that I paid with credit card directly, so no paypal protection. I hope this issue will resolve and they just need some more time, I just wish to receive the cable. So, we'll see. I'll keep you informed on the topic.

well they have been ignoring me until now, not much hope.

It was June 27 I first got in contact.  It took me a while to send it back to them due to Covid.   I chased it up late August by opening another support ticket.  I confirmed the recorded delivery details and then they sent me a new one out.  Hope you get yours resolved soon.  

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That's great to know - how long ago was that?
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