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Create a toggle to force 1440p/4K on Compatible TVs

Though some TVs are capable of 1440p, some may need to be forced. In one of their videos Marsielle showed that it was possible via a hacked version of their mclassic. If this can be a normal feature on future mclassics, that would make a lot of users happy. I have a Hisense H8G that can run a forced output of 1440p at 60 Hz. Unfortunately, I do not have a device that can force it to that resolution. If the mclassic can make this possible, I would buy the product in a heartbeat and so will many others as many are asking for this feature on reddit and YouTube.

HDR Support and a Toggle/Option to force 1140p/4K would make the mClassic nearly perfect

are these people actuall here to listen or they all died?

Also have TV with forced only 1440p hisense u7qf, i ordered hdmi edid pass through dongle tishric from AliExpress for about 3 usd, it works ok on pc, also passes sound. Will report when mclassic arrives, it seems stuck somewhere on delivery

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Mclassic arrived in 2 months time, it seems it ignores hdmi edid dongle supported resolutions and only outputs 1080p, its a shame as pc sees it as supported and tv easily shows 1440p when forced.
Update - 1440p worked with PC as hdmi source So it is PC 1080p -> Mclassic -> Tishric Hdmi edid passthrough -> Hisense tv (forced 1440p) Sonehow when i use switch instead of pc, it reverts back to 1080p, seems its source related. I will try with hdmi matrix or extra edid dongle later, see of ot works with switch, there is some hope.
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