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Trouble with Samsung Q80t and mClassic

I purchased a Samsung Q80T televesion and I seem to be having some issues with the mClassic now. When I use the game mode on the TV the mClassic has to be in passthrough mode or there will be some very noticable screen tearing on the bottom of the screen. When I try to use it with my retrotink 2x the tv will not recognize the signal coming from the mclassic at all. It works fine with my older TV but that one only puts out a 1080p signal. Anyone else have a problem like this?

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I have this same problem with a Q90T. No issues on any of my other monitors or TVs. C9, KS8000.
I was told by a customer service rep that its a known problem that the mClassic wont work on newer samsung tvs. I actually got beyond annoyed that their offered solution was to take the tv off game mode. Their device is marketed as a minimal lag solution and then they go ahead and suggest something that will introduce lag. If its a known problem they should really put a disclaimer in their ads or sales pages. Into the junk drawer it went.

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I have the same problem with my new Q90T television. Pass through mode works fine. When I turn on the upscaling, I get no picture or sound with my retrotink(480p) or my switch set to 480p. However, if I set my switch to 720p, it will properly upscale to 1440p. I think the problem is the mclassic can’t upscale 480p to 1440p. It could upscale 480p to 1080p on my older television though. I wish the mclassic would just upscale to 1080p, but it’s trying to go 1440p because my television is cavalry. I’m not an expert. This is just what I’ve noticed. Perhaps in the future the mclassic could have a switch to go to the desired resolution. I just want to go to 1080p and not worry about 1440p.
Hi Guys, Im experiencing intermittent black screen from every couple of minutes for a couple of seconds, to flashing on and off like a steobe light. I'm linking my classic Wii to my Samsung Q80T TV with a Hyperkin Wii cable, Univivi HDMI Switch (Version 2.0 3D 4K HDMI Splitter), mClassic, HDMI 2.1 cable (came with my PS5). Tried numerous HDMI cables and the problem persists. The Wii Hyperkin works fine on its own. But it is when the mClassic is added, either to the link I mention above, or (almost) direct to the back of the Wii through a Wii2HDMI converter, the blank screen ossue occurs. I sincerely hope this isnt a case that it doesnt work on new Samsung TVs as Ive spent the best part of £170 on cables and HDMI splitters... Incredibly frustrating as the picture is worth e ery penny in my opinion but not if there isnt a normal picture that doesnt black out. Did anyone get a replacement mClassic due to a faulty device or does it simply not work? Im so disappointed, I feel like Ive wasted my money.
It simply doesnt work. I actually have two of them, one i use with an older tv. I swapped them around and they both have the same problem with the q80t but both work with the other tv. The way it was explained to me was that the chips in the newer samsung tvs can only take so much jitter in the signal. Retro converters + mclassic create too much jitter and the tv doesnt display the picture. Honestly the email i got pretty much said "We know about this issue. Its not us its them. Sorry" i know i cant return mine because ive had them since launch but if you can i suggest you try.
Hi Juan, Thank you for sharing your experience. I have an older (2015) 3D HD Samsung TV and all the cables all work fine... A bittersweet outcome, this TV is in our bedroom, and we mainly play the Wii when socialising in thee living room. So basically, weve been penalized for having a modern TV!? Good one Marsallie. Cheers. Marsallie REALLY need to address this by having disclaimers and being clear that this product doesnt work with newer TVs. Its quite ludicrous considering with the release of the new XBox and PS5 that A LOT people and retro gamers are going to be purcasing the newer TVs and that this is going to become a BIG problem if they dont address this fast either with a better product or greater honesty surrounding this one. I spent HOURS respearching this over months before purchasing what is essentially a luxury item, only for it not serving the main purpose I bought it for. Like I said, incredibly bittersweet as yes, the product is awesome, but for what room it works it, a complete and utter wast of my f**king money. £160 spent on three cables to play enhanced graphics in bed... probably going to pay for another sensor bar, power cable etc so I can unplug and pick the Wii up and play with sh*t graphics in the living room on the Q80T... completely defeats the point. Poor show Marsallie. I suggest you test your product on modern TVs and be COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT about which TVs DONT WORK.
Same problem. Scream tearing at 1440p 60hz
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