First check your input, if it is interlaced (480i, 576i, 1080i) then mCable is in bypass mode, meaning all interlaced video is passed through as-is, exactly as it would through a regular HDMI cable. The other most likely scenario is that your input to mCable is 1080p60 (or 1080p50): in this case mCable is actually processing the video to enhance it but is not upscaling it so your output is 1080p as well, but it’s a better 1080p. Remember HD is only upscaled to 4K by mCable at 24/25/30Hz: so a 1080p24 movie from a Blu-Ray player will be upscaled to 4K; a 1080p60 signal from say a Roku box will be processed (but not upscaled) into a better 1080p60.