Your TV may not be native 1440p capable.

Not all 4K TVs can accept a 2K/QHD/1440p picture natively. Some may only accept a 2K/QHD/1440p picture when forced while others may not accept one at all. mClassic can only output a 2K/QHD/1440p picture to displays that can natively accept it.

However, regardless of what the output resolution of the mClassic is, it is important to know that the “magic” or simply the “Art & Science” of mClassic goes well beyond its up-scaling technology. Our built-in patented and proprietary enhancement technologies such as contextual anti-aliasing (CxAA), image sharpening, color correction, shimmering and dot-crawl elimination, and even intelligent depth of field processing will redraw every pixel of your game in real-time. And the result speaks for itself! A picture enhanced with mClassic is simply addictive, just like the first time you saw HD and knew that we could never go back to DVD quality. Once our eyes have been spoiled with superior picture quality, everything else is just settling!

And to top it all off, mClassic can do all these processes at a rate of 24fps, 30fps, 60fps and even 120fps without adding ANY LAG! Regardless of the resolution from your console, or the resolution outputted to your TV, mClassic redraws every pixel on the fly for a superior gaming experience.

If you have further questions, or you believe your TV does natively support 1440p but are not getting a 1440p picture from your mClassic, please email support.