The Black Cinema&Gaming Editions are 2017 models, and they come in white boxes. The Rose Gold “Ultra” model is a 2016 model and Silver “Quality Enhancer” is a 2015 model.

The 2017 Cinema Edition is running our latest pixel processing algorithms that we have fine-tuned based on our customer's feedback on 2015/2016 models over last two years, to guarantee a better visual experience. We have also expanded our compatibility to more devices, eliminated software bugs and compliant issues. We have extended the warranty to two-year instead of one-year from previous models. And starting from this model, Marseille will be selling directly to consumers which enables us to implement a much tighter quality control, making sure every mCable you purchase is genuine, non-refurbished (if not stated as so) and has a consistent, high quality support from us.

The 2015 and 2016 are similar in terms of functionality. The fundamental differences between the two are the material used in the construction to increase the reliability and data transfer of the cable. 2016 model also adds a LED light in the USB connector to indicate power.

The 2017 Gaming Edition is a specially designed version for enhancing graphics content, which are artificially rendered by graphics processors. In contrast, the 2017 Cinema Edition and previous mCable models are mainly designed for videos (movies, broadcast, sports etc), in other words, natural life content. There are a lot of different considerations for how to improve gaming content vs film content. We implemented different algorithms for processing graphics into mCable Gaming Edition. For example, the anti-aliasing feature for gaming edition is an exclusive feature, not available in other products. We have also changed the way we enhance details due to the nature of texture rendering in games.

In general Cinema Edition and Gaming Edition cannot be used interchangeably, except in one case: watching Blu-ray movies. In this mode, Gaming Edition detects the 24fps Blu-ray content and switches itself to cinema mode, same as the Cinema edition. This is to provide convenience for gamers who also want to watch Blu-ray discs on their game consoles.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: After the release of 2017 Cinema&Gaming Editions, all previous models are now officially discontinued. We will keep supporting our previous customers if they have purchased the product prior to July 15, 2017. Unfortunately We cannot guarantee the genuineness nor the condition of the 2015 and 2016 models purchased after this date.

Since we love picture quality, we are constantly exploring ways to build better products.